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If your partner is consenting, you will see them meeting you halfway on stuff, responding to your touch, touching you back, making approving noises, positioning their body helpfully, making occasional eye contact, smiling, giggling, kissing you, smelling your skin.

If your partner pulls away, flinches, draws back, goes still, goes limp, freezes, is silent, looks unhappy, starts holding their breath, goes from meeting you halfway to merely allowing your touch: stop and check in with words. Maybe they’re ticklish? Maybe they want to stop.
Let’s talk about consent in practice. | Disrupting Dinner Parties (via ejacutastic)


"taylor swift calls the paparazzi"

or maybe taylor swift is a international star and the paparazzi like to follow her. maybe, taylor swift is one the biggest stars on the planet and paparazzi usually only photograph huge stars. maybe taylor swift doesn’t need your hate because she’s worth more than your house, your aunts house, your uncles house, your grandparents house. 

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